Training Methods

Training should be fun!

People choose to get a dog for many reasons but most people are looking for a fun companion to enjoy walks and cuddles. My methods can help you to achieve this by using positive reinforcement to improve your bond as well as helping your dog to listen to you.

I also compete in agility and train my own dogs for rally, scentwork, disc, canicross and tricks so if you are looking to progress further I can also help with this.

I use a mix of treats, toys and praise to let your dog know it has done what we want and can help you learn how to do this effectively. Aversive methods have been shown to be less effective and can lead to other issues further down the line so I always avoid these. Instead, our aim is to have fun whilst bringing out the best in your dog.

Often an unwanted behaviour has more to it than we initially observe, by looking at the causes and emotions behind a behaviour we can produce longer lasting results and a happier dog.