What is enrichment?

Enrichment is simply an activity used to provide mental stimulation to your dog and improve their quality of life. There is a huge supply of toys and puzzles specifically aimed at providing enrichment but it can just as easily be done with things you would find in your home. It can also be as simple as taking different walks or rotating the toys your dog has available to them. Every session I take will involve some degree of discussion about enrichment and how it can be used to benefit the dog.

I also offer enrichment only sessions where we can talk about what your dog enjoys and how to build enrichment into your everyday lives. I will also have a selection of puzzle feeders for your dog to try out to ensure you don’t spend money on something your dog does not enjoy. This is beneficial for all dogs but can be especially helpful for those dogs who may need reduced exercise due to age or medical condition.

£30 for 1 hour enrichment session.